《物联网:如何改变你的业务》(物联网:它如何改变你的业务) & 生活

物联网:它如何改变你的业务 & 生活

物联网:它如何改变你的业务 & 生活

物联网 is a phrase of interest with no small impact on the future success of your business. 我们目前拥有将任何设备连接到另一个设备的能力, whether it be a simple Bluetooth integration or a more complicated communication network. An understanding of the way these devices work together will help your business grow as technology moves steadily forward.



物联网 is a phrase used to describe the interconnection of modern devices. 随着我们的社会技术越来越先进, 越来越多的设备连接到互联网或其他设备. The result is quickly developing network of interconnected technologies that can theoretically work in seamless unison.

物联网正稳步从概念走向现实. Your phone and computer are already synchronized; if you use cloud based services, 你所有的通信都可以通过任何设备访问. 随着越来越多的设备获得了上网的能力, 18新利苹果app的可能性将变得更加明显.


《物联网:如何改变你的业务》(物联网:它如何改变你的业务) & 生活物联网如何改善你的业务

When it comes to unified communications, collaboration and analytics are the name of the game. 每增加一个传送信息的设备, your business gains a new opportunity to learn from and take advantage of that data.

Your company should already be working towards seamless communication and collaboration among your staff. When every employee has access to and knows how to use the same systems and technology, 高效的工作流成为简单的必然.

This concept of collaboration can easily be applied to the more physical resources of your business. 为你的舰队配备可以跟踪库存并发送状态更新的设备. This information can be used to improve logistics and help your business gain more profit off of the resources you already have available.

类似的结构可以用于全面改进你的分析. Whether you’re collecting information from your customer response center or tracking the success of a new operation, any device that makes it easy to record and communicate data will make it easier for your business to form new conclusions.

The technologies that will become a part of your IoT may still be under development. 您已经可以连接任何设备 互联网接入 某种形式的分析软件. As technology progress, the usefulness and capabilities of these devices will naturally improve.

作为一个现代企业主, you can benefit your company the most by adopting new technologies as they become available. There is a careful balance between the usefulness of a new technology and the cost of training your staff to use it. 但随着物联网的发展, it has become apparent that the need for modern and unified communications is greater than ever before.

从这个概念中可以得出的结论是,物联网已经出现了. Your devices can be synchronized to improve workflow, analytics, and productivity. The amount that your company benefits will depend on your ability to utilize these features to their maximum potential.

It may be time for you to give us a call, send us an email, or browse our website – especially the 推荐页面,看看我们的一些客户是怎么说我们的. We are here to help you succeed, and to make sure you invest your time on what is really important. 接触18新利app苹果 今天.

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埃米利奥和他的团队很棒! I have been working with them for quite some time and 18新利app苹果 has never let us down. 他们是帮助我们寻找和管理电信需求的完美合作伙伴. 我过去在很多公司工作过, 但没有一家能提供埃米利奥提供的服务. 他做事迅速、周密,并能提供解决方案. 这才是我需要的搭档. # bestofthebest

Nancie杜, Quest Workspaces首席运营官

我在18新利app苹果团队工作已经超过7年了. They have been a valued asset and trusted advisor for me in the telephony space. 多年来,他们已经扩大了他们的服务组合,以满足我的需求. 当我在做技术决策时,18新利app苹果总是在我的桌子上.

Leterron刘易斯, Palm医疗中心的信息技术总监

Emilio and Rafael got us set up with our business internet and VoIP phone system and were great to work with. They responded quickly and made sure to get us up and running as smoothly as possible. Rafael routinely follows up to ensure we have no issues and remain satisfied with the services we use.

旧金山莱昂, 阿然,科雷亚 & Guarch P.A.

Emilio和18新利app苹果团队不仅擅长他们所做的事情, 但他们是一家真正有爱心和道德的公司. They can find the best service provider solutions without charging you for this valuable consulting. If you think that you might be spending too much money on phone and internet service, 或者你只是厌倦了被康卡斯特(Comcast)和AT拖来拖去的等待&T,你真的需要给18新利app苹果一个电话.

黛安·莫拉, ZenChange管理咨询

Emilio and his team at 18新利app苹果 were instrumental in helping us make the right move to a better internet service provider. They did all the legwork and presented the pros and cons of each option while serving as liaison to ensure the migration was seamless. We highly recommend Emilio and the team at 18新利app苹果 for their professionalism and knowledge.

狮子座冈萨雷斯, 锋利的保险公司

18新利app苹果 Solutions assisted with the evaluation process of the bank’s telecommunication requirements. Emilio and his team demonstrated their in-depth expert knowledge of the telecommunication industry and were able to provide an array of viable alternatives. 评估过程结束后, 18新利app苹果’s post sales support was exemplary as they were engaged throughout the implementation phase. 我认为Emilio和18新利app苹果 Solutions是值得信赖的顾问.

罗杰·索萨, 国际金融银行副总裁,高级运营和IT官

我们会确保你的商务电话 & 互联网服务让你保持领先地位. 了解我们的服务.

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《物联网:如何改变你的业务》(物联网:它如何改变你的业务) & 生活
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