, Are VoIP Phone Systems Vulnerable to Attacks? VoIP安全解释.

Are VoIP Phone Systems Vulnerable to Attacks? VoIP安全解释.


作为一家走在前沿的企业,你已经决定为你的新办公室选择一个基于云的电话系统. 网络语音协议(VoIP)不仅具有成本效益,而且与传统电话系统相比还具有一些优势.

But now that you’ve made your final choice, you’re left wondering if VoIP is really secure and safe for your business. Can VoIP phone systems really introduce security concerns?

VoIP是一种数字呼叫. No telephone lines are used in a VoIP phone system. 在互联网上,总是有被拦截和黑客攻击的可能性. 但先进先进的安全措施已到位,确保最低限度的安全漏洞.



No Phone System Is Fully Bulletproof

好吧,这是一个重要的事实. No matter which phone system you choose for your organization, you will have to harden it and make it resilient to security threats. No phone system out there is completely safe or bulletproof.

New security threats continue to be discovered regularly, and for now there seems to be no escape other than hardening your phone system.

摩根大通的一项调查显示,2019年94%的公司已采取措施加强其基础设施. 恶意软件, including Ransomware, was their biggest worry, topping the list at 48%.

How big or small your organization is it does not matter. A disruption to your phone system can be extremely harmful for your business.

Benefits of Using a VoIP Phone System

VoIP的低成本可能会吸引您为您的组织选择基于云的电话系统, 但是对VoIP安全的持续担忧让你一直在寻找防止网络攻击的方法. 好消息是,由于先进的安全措施,您的VoIP系统是相当安全的. Though the nature of security threats has evolved over the years, VoIP已经成功地经受了20年的渗透测试,并且仍然在不断发展壮大.

这是因为要让您的VoIP电话系统正常工作,您所需要的只是一个稳定的网络连接. No VoIP infrastructure needs to be maintained or installed. No telephones wires need to be installed. 都是虚拟的.

顾名思义,使用VoIP或VoIP是在互联网上进行呼叫. This saves, both small and large, businesses the expense of IT and communication.

所需要做的就是您的IT团队为公司的所有用户和员工维护一个安全的网络. VoIP also makes it easy for you and your teams to work from home. This can’t be more useful than right now, 特别是现在,大多数企业在新冠疫情后继续采用混合工作环境.


  • 调用加密
  • Calling plan usage is monitored in real-time
  • 只依赖免费电话


多年来,网络电话的威胁不断发展,给攻击者带来了新的机会. 一些VoIP安全问题,你需要保护你的组织,包括:

  • 调用拦截
  • 恶意软件
  • 网络钓鱼
  • 战争拨号
  • 人数欺诈
  • 拒绝服务(DoS)
  • 垃圾邮件

While security attacks can be catastrophic for your organization, 也有有效的对策,以减轻VoIP的安全问题.


Security isn’t as puzzling as it appears to us, and all is not lost. Using some basic cybersecurity methods and best practices VoIP can be made secure. 为了保护您的VoIP网络免受威胁,您可以遵循这些简单的提示,并确保您的组织的安全.

  • 实现强密码策略
  • 定期更新操作系统
  • Conduct regular security assessments
  • 禁用未使用的员工账户
  • 为远程员工设置vpn
  • 查看公司的通话记录

伴随着这些, 要求您的团队不要存储超过要求的语音邮件信息,并教育您的员工, 内部和远程, 在安全实践. If possible, train them to spot phishing and social engineering scams.


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这些最佳实践可能不能使您的组织100%地免受安全威胁, but they will surely minimize the risks to a large extent.

Consider These Before Making Your Final Choice

To ensure you get only the best results you need to use the best too. Before you pick that one VoIP provider for your organization, there are a few things you should keep in mind, 如:

  • 认证评估你
  • 您使用的第三方工具
  • 训练模型
  • 安全措施


  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance
  • ISO/IEC 20071全球标准
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance
  • Service Organization Control (SOC) compliance

Despite VoIP not being 100% secure, companies have been using it. This alone proves how valuable it is for organizations. 从个人服务到现在成为重要的商务交流平台, VoIP确实走过了一段很长的路.

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, Are VoIP Phone Systems Vulnerable to Attacks? VoIP安全解释.
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